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Stephen Kohl Addresses the 10th National Industrial  Organisational Psychology Conference, 4/7/ 2013

Our Managing Director & Chief Psychologist, Stephen Kohl, is presenting two sessions at the National Industrial & Organisational Psychology Conference in Perth this week.

Stephen will be presenting the research paper Two Decades of Occupational Testing with Psychometric Software co-authored with Georgina McKay, and a practical session How To Choose a Norm. Both sessions will be presented on 4th July, the first day of the conference proper.

Stephen will chair the afternoon How-To Session which also includes US-based Michael Sanger of Hogan Assessments.

You can view the program here

The IOP Conference brings international experts from India, the USA and Hong Kong to Perth, Australia and the program relates to professional responsible for workplace safety, wellbeing, culture, performance, recruitment or retention as well as Organisational Psychologists.

10th Industrial & Organisational Psychology Conference


Tour Down Under 2013, Adelaide 20/1/13

Once again, we welcomed in the start of the New Year watching the spectacular start of the Tour Down Under from our rooms in East Terrace, Adelaide, adjacent to the finish line.

Some of our staff and associates, including Shane Brown and Sophie Holdstock, enjoyed the energy, spectacle and atmosphere with wine and cheese and a wonderful track side view.

The Tour Down Under heralds the beginning of Adelaide’s famous Festival Season.


Another GeneSys Distributor Follows Our Price Lead,  14/12/2012

In the lead-up to Christmas, we are very pleased to announce that we believe our continued commitment to client service and fair pricing has resulted in inspiring another Australian distributor of GeneSys assessments to bring their price of GeneSys credits down to match ours!

One of the other 3 Australian distributors of GeneSys assessments has announced that it will bring its GeneSys credit price down in January 2013, which will now be  in line with ours.

As they said in their announcement,

” …in order to provide a standardised service and price offering across Asia Pacific we have realised the need to alter our pricing strategy.”

Providing Australian clients with fair pricing for psychometrics is a priority for us, equal to our commitment to service and superior expertise, and we believe this makes us the leading provider of psychometric services in Australia.

We are delighted to be providing inspiration and leadership in the Australia & New Zealand region to make sophisticated workplace assessment more accessible to every organisation.

Even before it’s begun, 2013 is shaping up to be a great year for GeneSys assessment users!


Creative Innovation 2012 Conference, 24/11/2012

Baroness Susan Greenfield, world-renowned neuroscientist with an interest in mind, consciousness and cognitive ageing, is among the speakers at the Creative Innovation Conference which takes place in Melbourne this week.

Ci2012 has a reputation for bringing together renowned thought leaders from around the world, and this year is no exception. Once again, the conference organisers asked us to prepare a Creativity Psych Report, which will be published in the Conference Program.

You can also read it here or visit the conference website.

Creative Innovation 2012 takes place at the Sofitel, Melbourne on 28th – 30th November and is sponsored by The Commonwealth Bank.

Our chief psychologist, Stephen Kohl, will be available at the conference to discuss more about the psych report, the psychology of creativity and how you can have your organisation assessed.

Creative Innovation 2012 Conference


Who’s Listening to You on Facebook? 23/8/2012

Read our discussion about what conversations are private and how employees need to be careful about what they say on social media in Dynamic Business Magazine.

Who’s Listening to You on Facebook? by Lynette Jensen


National Psychology Week, 22/8/2012

National Psychology Week takes place in Australia on 11-17 November. Organised by the Australian Psychological Society, and now in its 9th year, National Psychology Week celebrates the many ways psychologists enhance the health and well-being of Australians.

As a workplace psychology practice, our role is to improve the health and well-being of Australians through good job fit and career satisfaction.


Dr. Mark Batey interviewed by BBC 21/8/2012

Our UK colleague, Dr. Mark Batey, Manchester Business School psychologist & me2 Creativity Diagnostic developer, will be interviewed by BBC. Dr. Batey is a world-leading authority on the Psycholgy of Creativity.


Published in Dynamic Business Magazine, 13/8/2012

Our first article for Dynamic Business Magazine was published today.

Read  Six Ways to Set Goals Like an Olympian by Lynette Jensen


GeneSys Credit Price Remains Unchanged 9/8/2012

GeneSys credits $10 each.

Despite recent changes to the pricing system by GeneSys publisher, Psytech International, we have been able to keep GeneSys credit costs at a flat rate of $10 per credit.

It is our firm and consistent policy to provide GeneSys assessments to our clients at a fair and reasonable price, and we will continue to do so. We’ll only put prices up if the exchange rate absolutely necessitates it in the future.


Creative Innovation 2012 Conference 29/7/2012

Once again, in 2012 we are proud to be associated with Australia’s leading Innovation & Creativity Conference which brings together leading innovation and business thinkers from around the world. The conference is sponsored by major organisations including David Jones, Sofitel & Australian Super.

We have been asked to conduct a group study on the creativity style & dimensions of the 2012 conference scholarship applicants, and our findings and report will be published in the Conference Program. It will be interesting to compare the results with last year’s group.

Speakers and presenters include: Baronness Susan Greenfield, Sir Gustaf Nossal AC, Allan Fells AO & Steve Vamos.

Creative Innovation 2012 Conference

Melbourne 28th-30th November, 2012

This  conference has been called “The best conference ever” for good reason, and you can read about our experience there last year.

You can also read our report from the 2011 Conference:

What Makes a Creative Person? (PDF)

Our blog featured in HR Daily 20/12/2012

Our blog post by Lynette Jensen about making incubation an everyday part of work was the featured post on Australia-wide HR Daily on Friday 20th July.

HR Daily said,

When companies allow time for “incubation”, lightbulb moments and breakthrough ideas occur, says HR Daily Community blogger Lynette Jensen. Your organisation doesn’t have to be Google to do it – here are her ideas for making incubation an everyday part of work.

You can read the article here.


This is the 3rd time we’ve been featured in HR Daily.

Read our previous HR Daily articles:

Psychopaths at Work  (4,400 hits & counting so far!)

Leadership & Good Manners

More blog posts about the world of work on

our blog


Uni SA Placement Student Gillian Quinton 27/3/2012

Psychology Honours student Gillian Quinton from the University of South Australia, has joined the Genesys Australia team  as a Placement Student.

Gillian has a particular interest in psychometric assessment and personality theory, and she plans to use her placement with us to help her gain more knowledge of these areas, as well as practical experience in understanding and using assessments. Gillian hopes to pursue a career as a psychologist in the Australian Defence Force, and she brings considerable experience in the Army Reserve.

We are delighted to welcome Gillian to the practice, and we are keen to learn more about her interests and perspectives.


Vale Margaret Whitlam 23/3/2012

A leading light of second wave feminism and role model to women and men throughout Australia and on the international stage, Margaret Whitlam’s intellectualism, politicism and social conscience showed us what it was to be an intellectual and a married woman at the same time.

She led the way and will be sorely missed.


Stephen Kohl Addresses AMMA Conference in Perth, 23/2/2012

Stephen Kohl has presented a workshop titled “Profiling the Candidate and Quantifying the Data in Recruitment”, for the AMMA Conference held at the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre. Stephen’s presentation was part of the Workforce Planning & Labour Sourcing AMMA Fresh Thinking Series of workshops.

Stephen showed delegates how understanding a candidate profile and using psychometrics significantly informs how candidates can be well chosen. This is very relevant to the mining industry, where high quality candidates are eagerly sought.


Welcome to our new Masters Student 1/2/2012

We are very pleased to welcome our latest Masters Placement student to the Genesys Australia team. She will be with us for the next few months, and is currently completing her Masters of Psychology (Organisational and Human Factors) at the University of Adelaide.

While she is with us, Kristina will gain experience and practical understanding in organisational psychology and psychometrics and she will conduct collaborative research with us into the area of creativity, innovation and problem solving in the workplace. In particular, she will assist us to develop a problem-solving/creativity profile for a number of careers & vocation groups.


We welcome 2012 at The Tour Down Under 15/1/2012

On Sunday 15th January we celebrate the beginning of the 2012 work year, and our loyal colleague James Rollison’s birthday, with a bird’s-eye view of the Tour Down Underfrom our Adelaide rooms at 34 East Terrace, Adelaide.

The Tour Down Under herald’s the beginning of a season of international events for Adelaide in the next few months, including the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Womadelaide and the world-renowned Adelaide Festival of Arts.


Happy Christmas & a Prosperous New Year 14/12/2011

We wish all our clients, colleagues and friends in Australia and across the world a very joyful festival season and a prosperous and exciting 2012!

Since 2005 we have commissioned young artists in various media to interpret The Nutcracker story in celebration of Christmas.

This year, we were inspired by an exhibition at the Samstag Museum in Adelaide by street artists from the May Lane Project, and commissioned a Sydney-based graffiti writer to paint a wall in black & white based on The Nutcracker story.

We think you will agree that the result, in super-realist style and monumental scale, is breath-taking and inspiring!

The artist’s professional name is Dcipher, and as well as his own work and collaborating with other graffiti writers, he also runs educational programs in NSW schools.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Dream Wall Dcipher © 2011

Dcipher is an Australian-based Irish graffiti writer with over 15 years experience. He was actively painting in Europe and the US prior to moving to Sydney in 2008. He is currently a member of Sydney/LA-based FF crew and Irish crew AD. He has spent the last two years primarily working on commissions while collaborating with other local artists.

Every year, we ask a young artist to interpret ETA Hoffmann’s classic Christmas fairytale, The Nutcracker, on which the ballet of the same name is based. This year, we are very excited to have commissioned a graffiti writer to interpret the theme.

Dciper’s monumental and exquisite painting captures the moment between childhood and adulthood that Clara’s nutcracker dream partly represents. The Dciper mural is surprising, glowingly and breath-takingly beautiful, serene and yet menacing. Because of the medium of street art, it is also ephemeral like Christmas: within two days of its completion on a wall in Sydney’s Malabar, it was already being painted over by other street artists.

 Dcipher’s work can be seen at Sydney Trapeze School and at May Lane


Creative Innovation 2011 Conference 30/11/2011

The Creative Innovation 2011 Conference in Melbourne was a huge success. Thank you to Tania de Jong and the other organisers and to the sponsors, especially ANZ, the Financial Review Group and GE.

The conference brought together business and thought luninaries from across the world, and was influential and inspiring.

Read about the conference on our blog.


Psychological Report for Creative Innovation 2011 Conference 4/11/2011

Read the report of our study for the Creative Innovation Conference in Melbourne, 16th-18th November.

Using the me2 Creativity Diagnostic, 60 conference scholarship applicants were assessed to find out what characteristics identified their creativity.

A summary of the report will be published in the conference program, and you can read the full report on the conference website: What Makes a Creative Person? (PDF)


me2 Creativity Conference 2011 Report
















Vale Steve Jobs 6/10/2011

News of Steve Jobs’ death today is very saddening. His design skill, sensibility and creativity have transformed the world.

Welcome Georgina McKay 27/9/2011

We are delighted to welcome Georgina McKay to the Adelaide team. With a Masters Degree in Organisational Psychology from the University of Adelaide, Georgina brings expertise, considerable wit and very good grace to the GeneSys Australia family.

HR Daily Article, Psychopaths at Work 5/9/2011

Our most recent blog post, Psychopaths at Work was featured inHR Daily’s end of week Friday blog round-up (Friday 2nd Sept, 2011) when it was re-posted in HR Daily community. The post received well over 3,400 views, and resulted in lots of comment and discussion.

Read Psychopaths at Work in HR Daily.

Previous article in HR Daily:  Leadership & Good Manners

To keep up with our lastest blog posts about the world of work and life you can subscribe to the blog:

Original Thinkers: Advice for Organisations 3/9/2011

A leading Psychology of Creativity researcher, Dr Mark Batey of Manchester University, discusses the characteristics that organisations should look for to identify original thinkers:

Video: 3.5mins

Original Thinkers: Dr Mark Batey, Manchester Business School

Creative Solutions 27/8/2011

A piece in The Improvised Life this week, inspired by an article in the The New York Times, describes how thousands of dollars were raised to help victims of the Japanese earthquake, while at the same time allowing thousands of children world-wide to feel less helpless and producing a substantial artwork.

The simple idea of asking children to send origami cranes in return for a $2 donation, resulted in a three-way outcome and produced a result much greater than the sum of it’s parts.

Simple, expedient productive creative thinking like this is applicable to, and achievable by, every organisation.

We’d be interested to hear of other examples of great, easily achievable but far-reaching creative ideas like this you’ve heard of:


Creative Innovation 2011 Conference 14/8/2011

The Creative Innovation 2011 Conference will be held in Melbourne 16th – 18th November.

The CI2011 Founder & Executive Producer, Tania de Jong AM and her team have brought together world-leading thinkers and experts for the event, including Dr. Edward de Bono, Sir Gustav Nossal, Prof. Alan Fels, Raymond KurzweilProf. Daniel Dennett.

Ms de Jong, renowned opera singer & charity & arts entrepreneur says,

“This is a rare opportunity to learn, connect and share ideas across sectors with some of the world’s most influential thinkers under one roof”.

For more information or bookings:

HR Insider: More Cheating on Psych Tests by Lynette Jensen 8/5/2011

An article about cheating on psych tests by our director, Lynette Jensen, has been published in HR Insider magazine published by Newton Consulting.

In the article, Lynette considers the responsibility of providers and publishers of psychometric tests to ensure that assessments are conducted fairly and well, so that candidates do not feel compelled to cheat. The article was inspired by Prue Laurence and Psylutions’ survey on psychometric test cheating.

Read the article:

You can also read Lynette’s first article about the issue of cheating in psychological testing in the blog post:

Cheating on Psych Tests

2011 Christmas Card Design 5/8/2011

We have just engaged inner-city Sydney street artist & youth worker Tom McDonald to design our 2011 Christmas card. We are very excited!

Tom AKA Dcipher is part of the May’s Lane Project group organised by Tugi Balog in May Lane St. Peters, Sydney.

May’s Lane Project:

Building Resilience at Work 21/7/2011

Adelaide organisational psychologist Kathryn McEwen has just published a new book about fostering resilience in the workplace.

“Just by modelling resilience you can help foster rebound ability in your whole team,” she says.

Building Resilience at Work, Kathryn McEwen, Australian Academic Press, 2011

9th Industrial & Organisation Psychology Conference, Brisbane 23/6/2011

The Australian national conference of Industrial and Organisational Psychologists is being held in Brisbane this week, despite earlier fears that the volcanic cloud from Chile might have interfered with the ability of speakers and delegates to attend.

Participants include workplace psychologists from across Australia, and eminent speakers from across the globe.

Happiness & Life Satisfaction 9/5/2011

We recently posted an article on our blog addressing the topic of Happiness.

The following link is to a short video documentary about a Harvard University 74 year longitudinal study related to happiness, life satisfaction and outcomes, produced by The Atlantic. It features the study’s long-time director, psychiatrist George Vaillant.

The video is cited in What Makes Us Happy by Joshua Wolf Shenk, Atlantic Magazine, June 2009.

Masters Student Carrie Easton Receives Distinction for Thesis 29/4/2011

Congratulations to our Organisational Psychology Masters student Carrie Easton who has just been awarded a Distinction for her Master’s thesis “Generational Differences in Personality”.

Carrie used results from the GeneSys 15FQ personality questionnaire collected over a 15 year period to compare “Baby Boomers”, “Generation X” & “Gen Y” in order to determine if there were differences across the generations.

Carrie is completing her Masters in Organisational Psychology & Human Factors at the University of Adelaide and is employed by Australian Bureau of Statistics. Her thesis academic supervisor was Associate Professor Paul Delfabbro.

New GeneSys 15FQ+ Derailer Report Released 7/4/2011

A new GeneSys 15FQ+ report, called the Derailer Report, has just been launched by Psytech International.

The GeneSys 15FQ+ Derailer Report, which is built on the 15FQ+ Personality Assessment is a brief screening tool that identifies individuals whose personalities present a risk of undermining an organisation’s success. It identifies 12 behavioural syndromes that can impair a person’s performance and present challenges for the team or organisation the individual is working in.

The GeneSys 15FQ+ Derailer Report is available through GeneSys Online.

Contact Stephen for more information: 0433 206 638

Publication of Book 29/3/2011

One of our Directors, Liam Jensen-Kohl, has been involved in the recent publication the book, AHL 100 Years of Entertainment: The Greater Union Story 1910 – 2010 published by AHL Ltd.

Until recently, Liam was Historical Archivist for Greater Union Theatres (now Events Cinemas) and he was based at the historic State Theatre Building in Market St, Sydney. Liam was asked to collate and collect historical material including objects, documents and photographs for the collection, which represents a significant insight into the entertainment and film industry in Australia. Liam’s role in the publication was to research and source material for inclusion in the book.

AHL 100 Years of Entertainment is a beautiful coffee table publication which contains an impressive variety of photographs, information  and memorabilia about Greater Union Theatres and the Australian entertainment industry.

Congratulations to Liam and the publication team, and to Amalgamated Holdings Ltd, owners of the flag-ship Greater Union Theatres for 100 years.


Adelaide University Psychologist on 7pm Project 15/3/2011

The University of Adelaide’s Associate Professor Paul Delfabbro, from the Department of Psychology, appeared on Channel 10’s 7pm Project on Tuesday 15th March discussing the psychological issues involved in gambling and the intentionally addictive design of poker machines.


See Paul’s interview


Testing the Test : Stephen Kohl interviewed for HR Leader Magazine 10/2/2011

HR Leader Magazine talked to our own Stephen Kohl & Onetest’s psychologist Cherie Curtis for the February Issue.The article discusses the issues involved in choosing and using the right psychometric testing.

Download a PDF of Testing the Test by Sarah O’Carroll, HR Leader, Feb 2011

New Adelaide Premises 28/1/2011

From Monday 31st January we will be operating in Adelaide from new rooms in the beautiful old Adelaide Fruit Market building at 34 East Terrace, Adelaide.

This new space in the Adelaide CBD is opposite Rymill Park, and located in the fashionable East End of Adelaide, home of high-end fashion, design, cafes and restaurants. It is also at the hub of the Adelaide Fringe Festival,  the Tour Down Under, the 3-Day Horse Trials and many other celebrations and festivals for which Adelaide is famous in Australia and internationally.

If you are in Adelaide, please call in for a chat and a cup of coffee. We look forward to seeing you, and showing you around.





SHL & PreVisor Merger  19/1/2011

Last week, in a beautifully co-ordinated media campaign, two of the world’s well-known psychometric publishers, SHL and PreVisor, announced they have merged.

We wish the new company, which will be known as SHL, very well in this new venture. SHL is a UK-based psychometric publisher, and PreVisor is based in the USA. On the Australian assessment scene, it remains to be seen whether this  will have any real impact locally, however internationally, it means that SHL will now have a greater client-base in the USA.

From our point of view, we believe this merger into a much larger, juggernaut-style testing company only high-lights the strengths, and differentiation in the market of GeneSys psychometrics. Providing what we believe is the world’s most flexible psychometric system, unlike the more “off-the-shelf” assessments provided by most other companies, GeneSys UK publisher, Psytech International, believes in a local, more personal approach (summed up in the catch-phrase, Global Leaders in Local Assessment Solutions).

Our clients receive extremely personal service, each distributor of GeneSys internationally knows their local business environment and market intimately, and GeneSys lends itself much more to individual tailoring, according to every client’s needs.

The merger of SHL & PreVisor into a larger, more monolithic-style company is note-worthy news in the Human Resources industry and in business generally. For us though, and all GeneSys providers throughout the world, it highlights the pride we take in providing individual service and control to each of our clients.

Stephen Kohl Appointed Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Queensland  16/1/2011

We are very proud to announce that our Managing Director, Stephen Kohl, has recently been appointed Honorary Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Queensland. UQ has an out-standing Organisational Psychology Masters program, and we are honoured to have been asked to be involved through Stephen’s participation.

This appointment builds on Stephen’s association with the University of Adelaide, where he is a member of the Organisational Psychology Masters Advisory Committee, and the University of NSW.

For our clients, it means that they get the full benefit of Stephen’s expertise in GeneSys assessment, psychometrics and  workplace psychology generally.




Queensland Floods 14/1/2011

We send our very best wishes to all our clients, colleagues and friends in Brisbane and Queensland generally, who are currently in the grip of one of the largest natural disasters Australia has ever experienced. To live in Australia is to live with extreme weather conditions, and these shape our national character.

Queenslanders are possibly the world’s friendliest people, and they are also strong and stoic. We have been inspired by the images of strength, fortitude and good grace we have seen on TV and in messages from our clients and friends over the last few days.

Thank you Queensland for your strength and courage. We are all thinking of you.

New Blog featured in HR Daily 12/11/2010

We have launched a new Blog page to discuss issues related to work, life, psychology and psychometric assessment. Our first post Leadership and Good Manners by Lynette Jensen, was published in the online Human Resources magazine, HR Daily, 12/11/2010.




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