Our Policy

Best Service

With unsurpassed expertise in GeneSys psychometric assessment in Australia, we pride ourselves on our quality of service.

The purchase of a psychometric product is not a one off event, nor do we operate a purely reactive support service. We actively and proactively support all clients through the provision of updates to the GeneSys software, presentations on new assessments or functions as they become available, and support with specific client projects and needs.

Because we specialise in the provision and support of GeneSys psychometric products, the conflict of interest that can arise with some other psychometric providers, who also offer other services and products, should never occur. This permits a genuine partnership with our clients that has the potential to maximise their use of all GeneSys products.

Best Price

We believe that price should be a function of cost, not what the market can bear. Accordingly, the price of GeneSys credits is consistently affordable and fair. Not only is our price affordable, but our minimum ongoing purchase is also low, reflecting our understanding that our clients are subject to monthly budgets. In Australia, and throughout the world, GeneSys provides a reliable and valid psych test solution that is extremely cost effective.

Best Practice

We are committed to providing only the very highest standards and ethics of psychology and psychometric practice and we follow the guidelines established by the relevant state psychological boards and the Australian Psychological Society.

This is reflected in the quality of training and support we provide to individual clients, particularly when those clients do not have qualifications in psychology, and is evidenced by our commitment to customer service, our belief in the quality of the GeneSys psychometric tests, and our on-going commitment to academic research and standards.

Stephen Kohl M.Psych (Org) MAPS

Managing Director GAPs


Bridging all the GAPs