Inspired Workplaces: Sydney Trapeze School

Since writing recently about the oyster farmers of the Manning River and their magnificent workplace, I’ve been thinking about other equally inspiring workplaces.

Our launch was held at Sydney Trapeze School a number of years ago, with a metaphorical wish to help our clients “fly”, and though on the surface, a trapeze school seems very different from a workplace psychology practice, we have had a close psychological connection to the school and have used it as a source of inspiration since we began.

Sydney Trapeze School operates from an historical, edgy and extremely stylish old factory, which still retains its enormous original gantry crane, in the grungy inner-city suburb of St Peters in Sydney. In an industrial and old working class suburb, STS is located in an old factory complex next to the train tracks, where these days a number of adventure and arts enterprises share the space with operating factories, workshops and industrial businesses.

The environment of Sydney Trapeze School is the first thing that makes it special, and inspirational. It is huge, lofty, and cathedral-like, and of course the flying trapeze rig and other circus apparatus makes it seem exotic and colourful. The juxtaposition of colourful circus paraphernalia with the industrial atmosphere of the original building makes you feel as though you are somewhere special and enthralling.

But in addition to the physical impact of STS, there is much more that makes it a very special place. Sydney Trapeze School was begun nearly three years ago by twin brothers Frank and Rob Taylor, whose enduring laid-back and casually friendly demeanour belies the inspiration and drive that must have been required to bring their dream to fruition, and make it the successful operation it is.

Flying Trapeze is a growing sport, recreation and fitness activity, because it combines a number of physical and mental challenges, including gymnastic skill, careful timing, tenacity, trust, teamwork, and personal mental and physical courage. Learning to fly on the flying trapeze is the kind of activity that helps people realise and generalise skills that are needed for all other aspects of a successful life. Because these skills, especially over-coming personal challenges and fears, are extremely relevant to the workplace, Sydney Trapeze School offers corporate workshops to work teams and organisations among its services.

At the end of every term, Sydney Trapeze School stages a performance, which showcases its students’ hard work. At the most recent show, based on a pirate theme, the completion of a huge mural was also celebrated. Local street artists, Tom McDonald and Peter Lloyd Jones were commissioned to paint a mural along almost the entire length of one wall, and the project took a year to complete.

With a teaching staff now of over a dozen, students from across Sydney, a secondary out-door rig for use in summer, and an Australia-wide reputation, the Taylor brothers have developed their business from the ground up into an impressively successful operation which still retains the friendly and inclusive atmosphere it began with.

It’s success and continuing growth is a testament to what can happen when you have clear vision, faith and tenacity.

Lynette Jensen

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