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About Genesys Australia

GeneSys Australia is dedicated to providing sales and support of GeneSys Assessment by Psych International. We are local, independent and focused entirely on providing only ethical, affordable and best practice psychometrics and business psychology support.


GeneSys Australia provides GeneSys Integrated Assessment System, GeneSys Online, 360 Degree Appraisal and GeneSys Accreditation and Training. We provide extensive Australian understanding and experience.  


GeneSys Australia was founded in 2009 specifically to provide and support GeneSys in the Australian environment through such things as:

● Selection of Assessments
● Australian Appropriate Reference Groups
● Reporting Styles


GeneSys Australia works in close partnership with our clients across Australia to ensure the most effective and streamlined use of psychometric assessment for their recruitment, selection and development of staff. Our clients include major government departments, businesses, universities and educational bodies, psychologists, consultants, recruiters and individual practitioners.


GeneSys Australia offers our clients superior and comprehensive support through service, training and education which includes free on-going technical support, thorough and relevant training for GeneSys users, interpretation support and advice, expert opinion, Report Reading training for managers and master-classes for accredited GeneSys graduates.


GeneSys Australia is an independent provider of GeneSys, and proud to be part of a growing global Psytech International network of GeneSys distributors throughout the world. Psytech International is one of the world’s leading publishers of psychometric assessment tests, and believes in maintaining a close relationship with its individual distributors in order to provide local expertise and be “Global Leaders in Local Assessment Solutions”.

Managing Director / Chief Psychologist 

Stephen Kohl is Australia’s leading GeneSys authority and a psychometric assessment specialist. He is a Registered Psychologist, a member of The Australian Psychological Society, and holds a Masters Degree in Organisational Psychology.

Stephen founded Genenesys in 2009 in order to more personally provide GeneSys to clients throughout Australia, after a long association with GeneSys and its publisher, Psytech International. Stephen has nationally led both Jarrah Psychology (now Randstad), and Psychology and Human Resources at Beilby Corporation, then the only providers of GeneSys software in Australia.

Stephen is an Adjunct Senior Lecturer in Psychology and a member of the Organisational Psychology Masters Program Advisory Committee at the University of Adelaide.

Stephen Kohl is known for providing outstanding client support, service and advice, excellent academic credentials and extensive knowledge of the Australian business environment and its needs.

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