Stephen Kohl

Stephen Kohl is Australia’s leading GeneSys authority and a psychometric assessment specialist. He is a Registered Psychologist, a member of The Australian Psychological Society, and holds a Masters Degree in Organisational Psychology.

With the formation of his own organisation, Stephen has been able to more personally provide GeneSys to clients throughout Australia, after a long association with GeneSys and its publisher, Psytech International. Stephen has nationally led both Jarrah Psychology (now Randstad), and Psychology and Human Resources at Beilby Corporation, then the only providers of GeneSys software in Australia.

Stephen is an Adjunct Senior Lecturer in Psychology and a member of the Organisational Psychology Masters Program Advisory Committee at the University of Adelaide.

Stephen Kohl is known for providing outstanding client support, service and advice, excellent academic credentials and extensive knowledge of the Australian business environment and its needs


Our History: GAPs

Stephen Kohl became known as Australia’s champion of GeneSys psychometric assessments after a number of years working closely with GeneSys in various roles and organisations, during which time he had become Australia’s leading GeneSys authority. Because of this, he was invited by GeneSys publisher, Psytech International, to support GeneSys in Australia himself, as an independent provider of GeneSys psych tests.

So, in January 2009, Stephen formed his own company, now becoming affectionately known as GAPs, a psychology practice dedicated to supplying and supporting GeneSys psychometric assessment throughout Australia, in order to help organisations and businesses make good, effective decisions, especially about the recruitment and development of their staff.

Today, we have a growing & thriving client base that includes Federal & State government departments, major companies, universities & other educational bodies, recruiters, psychologists, HR consultants & individual practitioners in every state in Australia, and rooms in Sydney and Adelaide.

As Managing Director, Stephen Kohl is supported by a dedicated team of psychology, education & training, and other specialists.

Our expertise in GeneSys and its application to the Australian business and organisational environment continues to lead the way in the provision of psychometric assessment tests. We supply Australian business with cutting-edge psychometric solutions & out-standing expertise, and we believe our GeneSys Training & Accreditation program is the most highly regarded psychometric training course in Australia.

In addition, we have an on-going commitment to high academic standards, research, education and the championing of Organisational Psychology, and to this end we have increasing relationships with a number of universities throughout Australia, including the University of Queensland, the University of Adelaide & the University of NSW.

Since the beginning, our commitment to GeneSys psych tests and to providing Australia with an accurate, reliable, cost-effective, flexible & innovative workplace psychometric solution continues to increase. We believe that not only is GeneSys Australia’s trusted workplace psychometric solution, but that it provides more flexibility and control than any other workplace psychometric solution in the world.


Bridging all the GAPs