Psychometric Assessment

High quality psychometric assessment provides objective, fair, accurate and reliable assessment which predicts a person’s potential and likely job performance. Psychological assessment allows us understand people’s abilities and character and this can be used to help organisations make decisions and understand their employees better.

Psychometric assessment should be used as a part of your recruitment or development process, in conjunction with structured interview, reference checking and your other procedures.

Because a quality psychometric assessment is highly predictive and accurate, it provides a very cost-effective staff selection and development tool.


How to Choose Psychological Tests

There is much, and increasing, evidence to support the validity of psychometric assessment. Psych tests can provide an objective and reliable measure of likely job performance. However, all psych tests are not equally reliable or robust, and like any other product, exaggerated or unsubstantiated claims can be made that can seem (and look) quite attractive, especially if you are not a psychologist.

Psychometric assessment is a growing area of genuine academic and industrial research, and well-chosen psychometric tests can have enormous benefits to companies, organisations, individuals and the community generally by helping to “fit” the right person to the job, and the right job to the person, and saving considerable time and money.

The usual rule of thumb that applies to any product also applies to psychometric assessment tools:

“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t true”

So, be wary of exaggerated claims like “best scientifically validated” or “definitive assessment tool” or hidden costs like yearly license fees or regular on-going training costs, or tools that use such overly-simplified graphs and materials that they become more like a gimmick than a credible psychometric assessment tool. There are many so-called psychometric assessment products in the marketplace that can be offered by providers who might be more concerned with “sales-speak” and their own “bottom lines” than with science, best practice and good general business or organisational outcomes.

A credible and reliable psychometric tool is a scientific product based on sophisticated statistical analysis and application. Furthermore, a quality psychometric assessment tool should be supported by a provider with high expertise, reputation and client support. In other words, your provider of psychometric assessment should know what they are doing, and how you can best use it for your own specific needs.

We provide and support the GeneSys psychometric assessment range, and indeed specialise in it, because we are committed to the validity, reliability, practicality and technical innovation of the GeneSys psychometric system, published by Psytech International for 20 years, up-dated and re-vamped constantly, and used in Australia by very many leading organisations and businesses since 1993. In addition, we believe that GeneSys psychometric assessment provides it’s users more flexibility and control than any other major workplace psychometric system in the world.

Our belief in and commitment to GeneSys assessment tests is based on experience with the product over many years, rigorous academic standards, firm and wide client satisfaction and loyalty, and the professional psychological practice, ethics and standards on which our company is built.

Look for psychometric assessments that have high reliability,credibility and reputation, that have loyal users over many years, that are up-dated as technology advances and that are supported by serious, independent, transparent and substantiated peer review research.

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