Why GeneSys Psych Tests?

GeneSys: Australia’s trusted workplace psychometric solution

GeneSys psych tests are used across Australia by major organisations including Federal and State Government departments, national and international retailers and manufacturers, mining and construction companies, recruiters, HR consultants and psychologists.

GeneSys psych tests are used across the world throughout 5 continents by many of the world’s most famous brands and companies.

GeneSys psychological tests and assessments are available in multiple languages, and GeneSys has over 50 assessments & tests that include Personality (eg 15FQ+), Ability, 360 Degree Feedback, Emotional Intelligence, Career Guidance, Work Attitude & Integrity and Occupational Health & Safety measures.

GeneSys psych tests are both tried and true, attracting loyal, faithful users, and innovative, technically advanced, and constantly up-dated, using leading-edge technology.

GeneSys saves time and money by providing accurate, reliable and cost-effective results.

GeneSys is supported in Australia and across the world by workplace and industrial psychologists who ensure ease of use, comprehensive accreditation & training for GeneSys psychometric users and the maintenance of high technical, professional and ethical standards.



New Generation Psychometric System

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GeneSys is a high quality psychometric system that has been developed by one of the world’s leading psychometric publishers, Psytech InternationalGeneSys is highly regarded internationally, is able to provide comprehensive norm groups, including Australian norm groups, and has wide-ranging and reliable applications for the work place. GeneSys has been operating for over 20 years, and is constantly up-dating to use cutting edge technological advances in psychometrics.

Reliability & Validity

GeneSys psych tests have high reliability and validity. Reliability means accuracy, and validity means that a test actually measures what it sets out to measure. Because Psytech International has been developing, monitoring and fine-tuning its tests for such a long period of time and in so many countries and locations, it has built up considerable data, which results in producing high validity and reliability. GeneSys has over 50 tests, all with high reliability and its Ability tests, for example, have reliability of at least 0.8.


GeneSys is highly regarded for its reliability, validity and ease of use, but it is also extremely cost-effective. This is because its original developer had a particular philosophical commitment to fairness, which is maintained by Psytech International to this day. Because of this, GeneSys offers a very advanced psychometric system at an affordable price, giving organisations and individual practitioners alike the ability to assess staff objectively, effectively and fairly, and save time and money in the process.


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