Psytech International

Global Leader in Local Assessment Solutions

GeneSys publisher, Psytech International, is at the leading edge of psychometric development and provision across the world.

UK based Psytech International’s vision is “to provide a state of the art, technology-based alternative to both excessively priced and un-substantiated workplace psychometric assessments”. Psytech International has an on-going commitment to technical & intellectual innovation, fairness & value in psychometric assessment.

Psytech International founder, Laurence Paltiel, produced one of the first ever computerised interpretations for the 16PF Questionnaire when, as a gifted student, he was still at university.

Since then, he has gone on to develop and lead Psytech International, which is at fore front of world psychometric publishing and innovation.

Psytech International’s psychometric system GeneSys (New Generation Psychometric System), has over 50 tests and assessments in many languages, and is available on-line or through the software system. GeneSys gives users more flexibility and control than any other workplace psychometric system we know of in the world.

Psytech International’s innovative approach to psychometrics is also applied to it’s unique test distribution model, which sees a net-work of local distributors with expert local knowledge, data & norms, representing Psytech across the world through the provision of GeneSys Psychometrics. Un-like the more “one-size-fits-all” assessments provided by most other international psychometric publishers, Psytech International believes in a local, more personal approach, which is summed up in its mission:

“… local provider of choice across the globe for psychometric solutions that demonstrate real value for businesses through intellectual rigour, professional integrity, transparency and accessibility”

As an Australian GeneSys provider, and a GeneSys Specialist, we are proud to be an integral part of the global Psytech International family.