More About GeneSys

GeneSys is a robust, sophisticated, world-wide psychometric assessment system which saves time and money and produces accurate, reliable results.

GeneSys psychometric testing is unique in the world, because it provides unparalleled control & flexibility than any other major psychometric assessment tool. You choose how you use it, you can choose to keep your own data, have free access to candidate profiling, write your own 360 Degree questions, and more.

GeneSys psych tests are very cost-effective.

GeneSys psych tests are used by thousands of organisations internationally, and in Australia by many of our leading companies and names.

GeneSys psychometric assessments can be administered by computer, including internet based, or in traditional pencil and paper formats.

GeneSys psych tools include GeneSys Online & GeneSys 360


● A versatile psychometric tool with broad application in business settings such as:

– Recruitment and Selection

– Training and Development

– Performance Management

– Career/ Vocational Guidance

● Cost effective, comprehensive and flexible

● Consistent assessment conditions

● Straightforward administrative procedures

● Comprehensive management of administration and results

● Reports written clearly and concisely and able to be generated in an instant

● Credits can be purchased online or over the phone

● Ongoing development of assessments and reference data

● Ongoing technical and interpretive support


Bridging all the GAPs